bj_kale_giftHow exciting is it when all of a sudden you walk into a room and there in front of you is a wrapped box with your name on it.  You don’t know why you have received this gift, nor why it has your name on it.  But the excitement that comes at that precise moment is a feeling that we have all had at some point in our lives.  This moment of excitement is from not knowing what it is nor why it is you that is the recipient.  As you begin to open it you get more and more anxious until the surprise inside is now revealed to you.

Now just think about how exciting it was for the person that gave you the gift.  To take the time to think about you, then to act upon that thought and actually go and get the gift, wrap it up, place the bow and deliver it to you.  Now just think about how exciting it is for the giver to KNOW (as he/she has the knowledge of what the gift is) what is in the box and to see the excitement on your face.

To have the ability to be that giver brings such satisfaction in knowing that you have the awesome responsibility of creating a moment for that individual that will be so exciting, so over the top, that even if it is for a moment, that moment will resonate for time to come.

This sentiment we should take with us everyday of it not being what we get but what we give.  As in life so many are trying to always figure out how they can get get get.  When it should be about how we can GIVE GIVE GIVE.  That moment of knowing and seeing the anticipation on the face of the recipient is PRICELESS.  We should all live our lives as the giver each day so we can all have the presents of tomorrow.


bj_kale_butterfly_reflectionReflection of the past year is now upon us as we bring in the New Year.  As I sit back and look at each step that has taken me through the pattern of growth and gratitude I am humbled that I was able to establish new relationships that have opened my eyes to a whole new world of success, Happiness and pure Joy.  I have also had the wonderful opportunity to realize it was time to purge out the false propaganda and those associated with it that I had allowed to entrench my life.  Upon the unwrapping and finally recognizing the true inside of fake people early in the year, allowed for the substantial growth of my personal and professional life for the remainder of the year.

This exponential growth was the beginning of a fascinating journey that opened its doors around the world in so many places and with so many unique individuals which procured nothing but pure success.  I was able to see with total clarity the vision that has been inside me since a young boy.  The vision to allow sickness to be sought out around the world, then taken by the root cause and turned around to become Health through a very simple principle.

I traveled thousands and thousands of miles this year to deliver the message that has not changed in eons of time.  No matter what others try to say through their own personal message, I have kept to THE message and protected the TRUTH of this message at all costs.  For this message has kept me well now for over 40 years.  It has kept my family well through all the elements that life has to offer.  For when you never waver on a principle that has stood the test of time, you stand alongside something way greater than we can begin to imagine.  It will allow you to reach deep within your core to acknowledge that which you have known but may have disregarded.  As that great small voice will always speak, it is only the true sign of greatness will be apparent when you listen to that whisper and follow its course.

I am not one to lead anyone to make New Years resolutions, as I am compelled to show you that when you start each day with a covenant of resolve, you will begin to lead a much great path.  By doing this each day, instead of just on one ‘unique’ day, you will find that your journey will much leaner and clearer.  This will allow you to focus on that which inspires you, and not have such trashy buildup through days, weeks and months of false propaganda.  If you take the focused time each and every beginning of your day, you will find that you will have a richer life.  Not only in money,  but moreover in spirit.  That which money can not purchase.

I have taken 2012 and cleaned up that which has held me back from being the man that is INside.  I have recognized where the problems were, and made some substantial moves to craft nominal solutions. I have not listened to the ‘crowds’ nor have I conformed to the secular thoughts.  I have clearly done what is right to parallel my vision. This is not a selfish act as many appear to think, as it can merely be selfish if the intent of the action is to keep the outcome.  I want to spread the outcome of my success to many around the world.  As I challenge you to do, look deep within yourself, find that which empowers you to have Joy, then share that with your surroundings.

Look beyond the surface to find that which is holding you back.  RELEASE IT!!  LET IT GO!!!  This is the time to TAKE IT BIGGER THAN EVER BEFORE.  The time is NOW!!!  Be real with yourself to take back that which only YOU can control….Y O U!!!!  Then develop, through gentle yet direct embodiment, your wholesome desire.  Craft each edge of the moveable part to become the firepower to explode you into this next year. Allow your awesome proclamation to become that which has held you back to now be the forthright leader of YOUR own domain.  This will enrich your every day to be a New Years happy day 365 times.

If you simply take the easy way out and ‘proclaim’ a resolution, then the false agenda will soon pass.  It will be noticed that you wanted to fulfill a gentle immediate need, not a longterm exercised culture.  Become TODAY what you have been for years.  BECOME FEARLESS in your walk.  No one can shame your walk but you.  Reach down and BE WHO YOU ARE DEEP INSIDE.  Do it with NO COMPROMISE and with NO REGRETS.  This will take you down the path that will energize your every step and will allow the TRUE reflection of YOU.  No one else can do this for you.  No one else can tell you how to do this.  YOU MUST BE YOU and DO IT!  Have the confidence to KNOW you can LIVE Life to the FULLEST, IF you RESPECT and LOVE YOURSELF!

KNOW that it is because of YOU that I am who I am and that I can share who I am to so many in the world.  Filter out that which does not inspire and energize you, and find your voice so others are speechless.

Happy New Year to each of you!



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Light Bulb Moment

Have you ever been doing a task and all of sudden had a flash of a light bulb go off?  Then said to yourself, what was that?

This is called a Light Bulb Moment. Which is an English Idiom that describes a moment when a person has a sudden ‘realization’ about something. However, many times after we have such moments we do not take the next step, which is ACTION!   This action step is what defines us from having the moment brought to us in that ‘flash’ and then what is DONE at that moment with the information given.

Never miss this opportunity to take what has been given to you from Universe and turn it into an action that will serve you and allow for success through the warmth of its glow.

Grab Your Desire

Listening to one of my favorite songs the other day, Aint No Sunshine When She’s Gone by Bill Withers, it reminded me of how often we begin to let our desires and our love for life, fade through compromise.  Never let that which is YOU go away.  Dig deep into your desire, grab a hold of it and climb through successful KNOWING that you have dedicated your energy and your time, to the most important aspect of YOUR life, that which IS YOU!

Looking Past The Surface

Have you ever walked by a person that was in the streets begging and thought to yourself “..should I give or shouldn’t I?”  This happens more frequently than sometimes we accept.  However, could this be a ‘warning sign’ of something telling you that you need to find out more?  More about the person sitting there begging.

In life we tend to walk by opportunities that can really be a growing point in our own lives.  This weekend while traveling, I pulled into a gas station and there was a man, walking across the parking lot.  It was clearly noticeable that he had been a victim of stroke, as he walked with the typical signs of such and also with an assisted walking device.  There was no one else in the station, no one inside.  My first reaction was as most are, and instinct wanted me to help the man.  As I walked towards him, I had told myself that I was going to help him, yet the words came different out of my mouth.  I asked the man “How are you my friend?”  in which he replied “Not good, not good at all.  I had a stroke.”  And normally I would have stopped and begin to engage to see how I could help get him some food or shelter.  Yet this time I kept walking.  As my son and I entered the store, with no one else there I noticed the clerk looking out the window at the man.  As I got my items, I asked the lady if she knew that man.  She said that ” he was a local homeless man that came in often.”  I asked a little about him and she said “I have told him he can’t beg my customers.”  Then she went on to say that “He and his friend sit up on the street corner each day begging for money, then come in here and buy beer and cigarettes. And when they pay they each have wads of money in their pockets.”  Which made me think at that point yup that is why I kept walking.

I say this to lay out a vision of what most cant see.  A vision that this man has a choice each day of how he wants to live his life.  Just as you and I do.  He chooses to deceive people for money in an effort to feed his addiction.  What allows each of us to be any different than this man?  Not in the appearance of being a begger, but in the reality of the choices that we make.  Are we heeding the warning signs that allows us to notice when we need to ask for help.  Or simply ask someone who KNOWS better than you how you can better yourself.  In this story, I didn’t know anything about this man except for what I visually saw from the surface.  Yet when I asked the woman who did know him and has engaged with this man on a daily basis  she provided the KNOWledge I needed.

When you look past the surface of what society thinks and past the outer layer, and simply ask, you will find the answers.  Remember, there is no problem unless there is a solution.  And the solution is NOT always on the surface.

Break The Shackles

Each and every day we are bound by so many different obstacles that come our way.  We can either let the circumstance take over our emotional and physical state, or we can simply BREAK THE SHACKLES that confines us.

This tethered mentality will shift your mindset to a less than productive outcome.  YOU must not let access be achieved through this non-productive manner.  Release the inner revolution and begin to expand upon the greatness that IS deep within your presence.  This WILL allow YOU to be exactly what YOU want to be.  This WILL allow YOU to be who you ARE and expand beyond any formal movements without hesitation.  The obstacle that holds you in confinement will become YOUR driving force with every synaptic thought. It will NO longer hold you back, yet will take you beyond the destination that you had in mind.

You are the ONLY one that can and WILL allow this to unfold into creation.

Emotional Clarity


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As you choose each step that keeps you in forward motion, you have not only a logistic advancement (intrinsic we will call it) but you also have an emotional evolution that must cooperate with the mechanical moves.  This emotional core of our innate is an untapped resource that can only be obtained when we reach in and find that which creates the emotion.

Finding what creates the emotion is not hard, if you are in clarity of what it is YOU want and desire.  If you have any spectacle of confusion with your desire, then you MUST take a step in the direction of trust and humility with ones that can help you achieve that which will mold you.  Taking a step, just to take a step is not always a step in the correct direction.  You must SURROUND your every thought with poise and creativity. This will allow you to make the correct decision, through the intrinsic and emotional bond.

When this union has been achieved, you will find that motivation within your desire is now the foundation of YOUR success!

Tackle The Monster


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Many times we are engulfed with daily routines that eat our time and are totally unproductive. We sit and stare at our “to do” list, or at the monitor and say to ourselves that we “are going to get motivated.” When hours and and hours go by with no productivity. You are now feeding the TIME MONSTER! Yes, the monster that eats away at the most precious commodity …TIME.

Time cannot be replaced. Therefore, you must engage in rightful desire of achievement. Which will place YOU into a unique category of credible intent. Taking this razor movement will allow for superior impact. Which in the end will allow for YOUR time to be utilized to its maximum bandwidth and serve not only you but also your clients.

Make a plan. Then EXECUTE the plan with crisp, concise and direct intent so that your outcome will be lucrative.

Is It Really A Forest?


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It has been said that you can’t walk into the woods for two weeks and expect to leave in a day. Yet with determination and inspiration you can greatly decrease your departure from where you are now.

Many times in life we see that we are stuck in the place we are currently, yet not realizing that we are only stuck there because we dont have direction. We need to find what inspires us to look for that unique direction that defines us. Then when we find that which is within US, and take the next step to craft the forward motion stroke in an effort to achieve the success of not being stuck, we have cleared the congestion withIN ourselves.

If you simply take and deep look at what it is that defines YOU, then YOU will see the next step that YOU need to take. As life is defined by what YOU want it to be!!