Each and every day we are bound by so many different obstacles that come our way.  We can either let the circumstance take over our emotional and physical state, or we can simply BREAK THE SHACKLES that confines us.

This tethered mentality will shift your mindset to a less than productive outcome.  YOU must not let access be achieved through this non-productive manner.  Release the inner revolution and begin to expand upon the greatness that IS deep within your presence.  This WILL allow YOU to be exactly what YOU want to be.  This WILL allow YOU to be who you ARE and expand beyond any formal movements without hesitation.  The obstacle that holds you in confinement will become YOUR driving force with every synaptic thought. It will NO longer hold you back, yet will take you beyond the destination that you had in mind.

You are the ONLY one that can and WILL allow this to unfold into creation.