bj_kale_butterfly_reflectionReflection of the past year is now upon us as we bring in the New Year.  As I sit back and look at each step that has taken me through the pattern of growth and gratitude I am humbled that I was able to establish new relationships that have opened my eyes to a whole new world of success, Happiness and pure Joy.  I have also had the wonderful opportunity to realize it was time to purge out the false propaganda and those associated with it that I had allowed to entrench my life.  Upon the unwrapping and finally recognizing the true inside of fake people early in the year, allowed for the substantial growth of my personal and professional life for the remainder of the year.

This exponential growth was the beginning of a fascinating journey that opened its doors around the world in so many places and with so many unique individuals which procured nothing but pure success.  I was able to see with total clarity the vision that has been inside me since a young boy.  The vision to allow sickness to be sought out around the world, then taken by the root cause and turned around to become Health through a very simple principle.

I traveled thousands and thousands of miles this year to deliver the message that has not changed in eons of time.  No matter what others try to say through their own personal message, I have kept to THE message and protected the TRUTH of this message at all costs.  For this message has kept me well now for over 40 years.  It has kept my family well through all the elements that life has to offer.  For when you never waver on a principle that has stood the test of time, you stand alongside something way greater than we can begin to imagine.  It will allow you to reach deep within your core to acknowledge that which you have known but may have disregarded.  As that great small voice will always speak, it is only the true sign of greatness will be apparent when you listen to that whisper and follow its course.

I am not one to lead anyone to make New Years resolutions, as I am compelled to show you that when you start each day with a covenant of resolve, you will begin to lead a much great path.  By doing this each day, instead of just on one ‘unique’ day, you will find that your journey will much leaner and clearer.  This will allow you to focus on that which inspires you, and not have such trashy buildup through days, weeks and months of false propaganda.  If you take the focused time each and every beginning of your day, you will find that you will have a richer life.  Not only in money,  but moreover in spirit.  That which money can not purchase.

I have taken 2012 and cleaned up that which has held me back from being the man that is INside.  I have recognized where the problems were, and made some substantial moves to craft nominal solutions. I have not listened to the ‘crowds’ nor have I conformed to the secular thoughts.  I have clearly done what is right to parallel my vision. This is not a selfish act as many appear to think, as it can merely be selfish if the intent of the action is to keep the outcome.  I want to spread the outcome of my success to many around the world.  As I challenge you to do, look deep within yourself, find that which empowers you to have Joy, then share that with your surroundings.

Look beyond the surface to find that which is holding you back.  RELEASE IT!!  LET IT GO!!!  This is the time to TAKE IT BIGGER THAN EVER BEFORE.  The time is NOW!!!  Be real with yourself to take back that which only YOU can control….Y O U!!!!  Then develop, through gentle yet direct embodiment, your wholesome desire.  Craft each edge of the moveable part to become the firepower to explode you into this next year. Allow your awesome proclamation to become that which has held you back to now be the forthright leader of YOUR own domain.  This will enrich your every day to be a New Years happy day 365 times.

If you simply take the easy way out and ‘proclaim’ a resolution, then the false agenda will soon pass.  It will be noticed that you wanted to fulfill a gentle immediate need, not a longterm exercised culture.  Become TODAY what you have been for years.  BECOME FEARLESS in your walk.  No one can shame your walk but you.  Reach down and BE WHO YOU ARE DEEP INSIDE.  Do it with NO COMPROMISE and with NO REGRETS.  This will take you down the path that will energize your every step and will allow the TRUE reflection of YOU.  No one else can do this for you.  No one else can tell you how to do this.  YOU MUST BE YOU and DO IT!  Have the confidence to KNOW you can LIVE Life to the FULLEST, IF you RESPECT and LOVE YOURSELF!

KNOW that it is because of YOU that I am who I am and that I can share who I am to so many in the world.  Filter out that which does not inspire and energize you, and find your voice so others are speechless.

Happy New Year to each of you!



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