bj_kale_giftHow exciting is it when all of a sudden you walk into a room and there in front of you is a wrapped box with your name on it.  You don’t know why you have received this gift, nor why it has your name on it.  But the excitement that comes at that precise moment is a feeling that we have all had at some point in our lives.  This moment of excitement is from not knowing what it is nor why it is you that is the recipient.  As you begin to open it you get more and more anxious until the surprise inside is now revealed to you.

Now just think about how exciting it was for the person that gave you the gift.  To take the time to think about you, then to act upon that thought and actually go and get the gift, wrap it up, place the bow and deliver it to you.  Now just think about how exciting it is for the giver to KNOW (as he/she has the knowledge of what the gift is) what is in the box and to see the excitement on your face.

To have the ability to be that giver brings such satisfaction in knowing that you have the awesome responsibility of creating a moment for that individual that will be so exciting, so over the top, that even if it is for a moment, that moment will resonate for time to come.

This sentiment we should take with us everyday of it not being what we get but what we give.  As in life so many are trying to always figure out how they can get get get.  When it should be about how we can GIVE GIVE GIVE.  That moment of knowing and seeing the anticipation on the face of the recipient is PRICELESS.  We should all live our lives as the giver each day so we can all have the presents of tomorrow.